1. Place your order. 

2. Send a few of your favorite pictures of your pup (or cat) to pupsketch@gmail.com and let me know what background color you'd like. Also include any thoughts you have on what style you prefer (you can attach an image of one of the dogs on the homepage for reference if you'd like), and what you might want to do with your portrait. Here are a few ideas

3. I'll get back to you with any questions, and get started sketching!

4. I'll send you the file in 4-6 weeks and you can then print it wherever you want!


If there's a drawing here you especially like, and want your dog done in a similar style, let me know and I'll try my best. Some kinds and colors of dogs and cats work better in one style than another. A golden retriever probably isn't going to look as good in color block as a spaniel with distinct color patches, so I may recommend a different version. We'll chat and find a way to get you a great portrait!